Galaxy Nexus Now Unavailable in Google Play

In a very surprising move, Google removed its flagship Android device, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, from the Play store late this evening. It appears as if their last stand of releasing an OTA update won’t be enough — it’s not out yet anyway — and the court has forced them to remove it. If you haven’t had a chance to purchase the phone in the last few days, then you may not be able to for quite some time, but no estimated return of the smartphone has been released just yet.

The product now shows a “Coming Soon” tag and Google offers to send you an email once it’s available once again. The Verge, which has been keeping up with this entire case closely, asked Google for a comment and is still waiting for a reply. We’ll be updating this post with the most recent information as the case develops.

Coincidentally, The Verge also confirmed that Apple has posted a $96 million bond, putting the injunction in full swing immediately. This means that it’s very likely Google had to take the phone off of Play to satisfy the court.

[The Verge]

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