Google Hopes to Elude Galaxy Nexus Ban with OTA Update

In a last-minute move to avoid a ban in the U.S., Google will be updating its flagship Galaxy Nexus devices as soon as this evening to remove the system-wide search function, a spokesperson told The Verge. This is probably the only thing that they can do before the device has to be taken out of all official online retailers by request of Apple since the judge refuses to budge on her position in the case.

The only problem with an OTA update from Google is that the search within the Galaxy Nexus will no longer to be able to search the system for apps, music, or any other sort of content. This is going to hurt the phone as it’s definitely one of the most highlighted features, but hopefully Google will find another way around Apple’s patent of the current search method soon. One thing that Google did note, however, was that its upcoming Now service that’s coming with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will not be threatened by this patent violation.

Sadly, there’s more to this case than meets the eye. Not only is the Galaxy Nexus in danger, but all of Android as well. Since the search function is integrated into the OS, Apple could turn on Google as well, which would mean trouble for its upcoming Nexus 7 and all other devices in the U.S. running Android – since Apple only has legal power in that country. I’m sure Apple knows that it can go to court with Google, but right now it’s still working hard to iron out the details with its chief hardware competitor, Samsung.

If you haven’t been following the case, Apple last Friday was granted a ban on the Galaxy Nexus in the United States since it was made by Samsung. While no action has been taken just yet, the device was expected to be taken from shelves, both digitally and locally, sometime soon following the judges decision. Samsung even filed a motion to stay the ban, but Judge Lucy Koh denied it and the case continued to progress down a dire path, for both the Korean-based company and Google.

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