iCloud Beta Website Returns with Notes, Reminders, and More

Back in May, Apple mistakenly included some references to iOS 6 in a beta version of its iCloud website. Even though they took the page down soon after the references were discovered, it has reappeared today for developers who are currently using the iOS 6 beta. This time, Notes and Reminders have shown up in the website, obviously hinting that Apple will soon be bringing the two iCloud services to more than just Macs and iOS devices, but the web as well.

Both apps look very similar to what you’d see in Mountain Lion or on an iPad, but they do have a few little user interface differences here and there. One interesting thing is that the beta of Find My iPhone still uses Google Maps to tell you where your device is instead of the new combination of OpenStreetMaps and other third-party sources found in iOS 6. This isn’t all that strange since the OS hasn’t released yet, but seeing as this is a beta version of iCloud, there should be some new maps system in there. In any case, check after the break for some screenshots of all the changed apps in this beta web version of iCloud.

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