Facebook is About to Become “Blazing Fast” on iPhone

The over twenty thousand people that have given the Facebook app a one-star rating in the App Store should prepare to be pleasantly surprised, as two unnamed Facebook engineers have revealed to Nick Bilton of the New York Times that the social network is working on a completely overhauled Facebook app that is said to be “blazing fast.”

The design of the app will not change, but speed will be emphasized significantly in an upcoming update. Bilton had a chance to give the prototype app a test drive, sharing these promising remarks:

I had the opportunity to see the as-yet unreleased iPhone application, and it is fast. Blazing fast. The two engineers I spoke with said the new application is being tested by Facebook developers and is expected to be updated this summer.

The current edition of the Facebook app for iPhone is awfully slow, but according to the engineers, the new Facebook app will be built primarily with Objective-C to provide a much faster loading experience for users of the social network. The app will be able to take full advantage of the iPhone hardware and collect less information from the Web, resulting in a faster user experience for Facebook users.

[NY Times via 9to5Mac]

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