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To kick us us off, make sure you grab these red hot games while you can!  Newly released classic RPG Tap Quest, 3D tower defense extravaganza TowerMadness, ngmoco’s Dropship and Madgarden’s Saucelifter are all free right now!  Now that you’ve cooked your bandwidth, lets get on with the latest App Store news:

Forum favorite MiniGore has gone gold.  Game promoter Chillingo tell us that the game has sold 100,000 copies since it’s release two weeks ago.  There’s lots of updated content in the pipeline so check out Mountain Sheep’s MiniGore blog if you haven’t already.  We’ve also got a few MiniGore codes to give away this weekend as the August Week 2 Interim Review prizes.

Ngmoco’s Plus+ publishing has teamed up with Mumbo Jumbo to launch the award winning PC and Mac classic Luxor on the iDevice.   This will be the first 3rd party app to feature on ngmoco’s Plus+ social network, which allows players to interact and compete.  The game is due to land on the App Store sometime in August.

Tag Games, the creator of Car Jack Streets, is also in the process of porting a classic game.  Wildfire Studio’s puzzle phenomenon Tumblebugs was first released in 2005 and is now making its way to the iDevice.

Team 17 Software’s Worms was highly anticipated by gamers but fell short of delivering due to poor gameplay and instability.  They haven’t let us down though and have been hard at work fixing the issues.  A new update was released a couple of days ago that fixes the majority of bugs that had been complained about, inrceases app stability and even adds in some new functionality, including the widely requested zoom feature.

In other news, small German development studio Alphablind just released their second app, Bugs & Spiders, a fun and polished take on the traditional QIX & ONIX games. As a spider you spin your web to divide up the screen and catch your prey while avoiding the bugs.  Strong design and programming, online scores and the promise of updates to add new content make this a 99 cent app worth considering if you like the genre.  Meanwhile Candycane Apps have a fun and highly polished new $1.99 puzzler out called Fling. The object of the game is to throw your fur balls around to bump each other off the screen.  3 game modes, 19 levels of difficulty and 10,000+ puzzle permutations should keep you occupied! There’s some great videos below of these apps that really show off the polished design and gameplay.

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