CordLite Illuminates Your iPhone Charger

You know those dark times that you need to plug in your iOS device and can’t seem to find the port, searching around in the moonless night? Well, Irv and Marcelo from Scrap Pile Labs know exactly how annoying it is to miss the mark in the dark, so they’ve designed CordLite to light your way. The product has a built-in LED light that automatically turns on when the plug has been touched. It will then light up everything you need to successfully plug in your device and then switch off once things are working.

The idea is great and looks very promising, but the product itself hasn’t released yet because the makers need your help to get it going. Right now, it’s roughly $2,000 from being fully backed on Kickstarter with all the “Early Bird” specials sold out. However, if you want to¬†head over there to give them your support, you’ll receive a reward if they’re funded within the next 21 hours. What you get varies on how much you give, but I’d recommend pledging $30 to get a CordLite with standard aluminum bead blast finish in either black or white.

One thing you should probably remember before investing in a CordLite is that the new iPhone may release in October around the same time that this product ships. Should Apple’s new device have a different connector than the traditional 30-pin one (this has been rumored for quite a while now, but nothing is set in stone), the CordLite will be obsolete at or right after its launch. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pledge something to get yourself a nice little light-up connector, just that you need to remember that it could turn out to be a legacy product when you actually receive it. However, I’m sure Scrap Pile Labs will be manufacturing a new version for Apple’s latest hardware so maybe it’d be better just to wait.

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