Apple Could Already Be Using Chomp to Improve App Store Search

You may remember that Apple acquired the App Store search service Chomp back in February of this year to help improve the way you find things in their iOS App Stores. After that, there was little talk of whether or not they would begin using it immediately or not due to an agreement Chomp had already been in with U.S. cellular carrier Verizon Wireless. It now seems that they may already be giving their search the algorithm help that it needs to better suit the needs of both users and developers, according to TechCrunch.

In the past recent weeks, search results have apparently been much better than before, hinting that Apple could be using their newly-acquired search service to enhance both user and developer experience. TechCrunch reports that users have been receiving much more accurate searches lately and developers have seen better sales numbers on their apps — the app must be in good standing with the users’ ratings, having 4 stars or more. There’s still a ways to go though because it’s common for some mediocre apps turn up in the search results, especially when sorted by relevance.


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