iOS Promo Returns with Giveaway of 100 Cydia Tweaks

A number of well-known jailbreak developers have teamed together to give away over 100 licenses for jailbreak tweaks, themes and apps from Cydia through the website iOS Promo. The giveaway, which runs through July 5th, includes 10 free licenses to several popular Cydia packages such as Mail Enhancer Pro, Springtomize 2, AdBlocker, SBRotator 5 and many other useful tweaks and apps.

Huge app, tweak and theme #giveaway including 100 licenses from some of the top Cydia packages. Check it out:

To enter the giveaway, one must ensure that he or she tweets the phrase above and is following the jailbreak developers that created these jailbreak tweaks: Stefan Möllenkamp (@stm_dev), Filippo Bigarella (@FilippoBiga), Yllier (@_Yllier_), Elias Limneos (@limneos) and Joshua Tucker (@joshmtucker). Winning users will be selected at random and contacted by direct message (DM) on Twitter by one of these developers.

Back in December, many of these same jailbreak developers offered a similar giveaway of Cydia tweaks on iOS Promo. But this second installment of the giveaway is even bigger than last time, with 10 free licenses available for 10 different Cydia packages; yes, that’s 100 free Cydia packages that would normally cost between two to five dollars each. Details about each of the 10 Cydia packages being given away can be found ahead.

  • Mail Enhancer Pro will turn your default iOS mail client into a powerful tool for both business and personal use. ($4.99)
  • Springtomize 2 allows you to customize your SpringBoard, to make it look and feel how you want. ($2.99)
  • AdBlocker blocks ads in Safari and other apps which are using browser-like views (UIWebView). ($2.19)
  • FullScreen for Safari makes Safari a real multitouch browser with a full screen mode and adds many new gestures like two and three finger swipes, three finger tab, and shake. ($2.19)
  • CallBar is an intuitive re-design of the in-call interface that prevents interruption of what you were doing when receiving a call. ($3.99)
  • SBRotator 5 adds native rotation to your SpringBoard and lock screen, just like on iPad. ($2.99)
  • AutoAnswer automatically answers incoming voice calls and FaceTime calls from specified numbers. ($1.99)
  • Masks lets you use custom mask overlays on your SpringBoard icons, wallpapers and launch images. ($1.99)
  • ScrollingBoard allows for unlimited icons in your dock and folders, plus widgets on your dock or SpringBoard. ($1.99)
  • PasswordPilot Pro lets you automatically sign-in to your Apple ID when prompted after entering your credentials once. ($1.99)
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