The Final Showdown: Apple v. Samsung Headed for Jury Trial

Apple has been accusing Samsung of slavishly copying the look and feel of its products with its Galaxy lineup of products, while the South Korean electronics maker has outright denied those claims. This back-and-forth legal battle has been going on for well over a year now, and AllThingsD reports that this case will now will be put into the hands of a jury to decide the outcome. As ordered by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh on Thursday, Apple and Samsung are set to partake in a jury trial on July 30 with some ground rules in place to aid the jury in their decision.

“It’s going to be 125 exhibits per side. That’s it, no more,” Koh said during a hearing on Thursday, adding that each side will be permitted only 25 hours of arguments in the jury trial. “I think that’s cruel and unusual punishment to a jury, so I’m not willing to do it. If you’re going to trial in July, this is not going to be acceptable.”

Apple has skyrocketed to become the world’s most important technology company in the world, while Samsung has been aggressively competing with successful products such as the Galaxy S lineup of smartphones. The outcome of this trial is very important for not only Apple and Samsung, but the whole technology industry. Hopefully these two companies can finally settle their differences and focus on releasing innovative and exciting products for consumers. Competition is good, but not when companies are actively suing each other in courts for several months on end.


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