Tweetbot Coming to Mac

Since its debut on the iPad back in February, there have been rumors claiming that the iOS Twitter client Tweetbot could be coming to the Mac App Store sometime this year. (Some of the fuel for these rumors was provided by Paul Haddad, the programmer behind the app, who Tweeted using “Tweetbot for Mac” a few times now.) Today, Mark Jardine, the designer for Tapbots, has further confirmed its existence with a picture (above) that he Tweeted.

If you take a look at the photo, you can definitely see the beautiful Tweetbot interface that you’re used to on an iOS device. It actually looks a bit like Twitter’s official Mac app, but with some extra tabs, a button to switch from timelines to lists, the compose button at the top, inline images, and other features you’d expect to see in the iOS edition of the app.

Mark Jardine also provided a high resolution image for those of you who want to take an even closer look at the upcoming app. He’s running the app off of a new Retina MacBook Pro and wanted to show off how nice Tweetbot looks on the display.

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