Square Off: Dropbox vs. iCloud

The number of Apple products that I own has greatly expanded over the past few years, making it increasingly important that I have a centralized point to obtain my data content across my devices.

I want to be able to access my files across my iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad whenever needed, so I am fortunate that cloud storage services such as iCloud and Dropbox are available to cater to my needs.

What I did not know about iCloud prior to using the service was that it does not actually offer you a centralized storage box like Dropbox does; in other words, iCloud syncs and keeps your emails, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, to-do lists, and other data up to date automatically across each of your Apple devices.

Dropbox, on the contrary, requires you to download their application across each device you wish to use their service on. To use your Mac or PC with Dropbox, you must install the program and keep the designated Dropbox folder somewhere on your computer. I prefer to keep my Dropbox folder on my desktop for easy access, but there is also a convenient menu bar icon for the service on OS X. So, which is better? iCloud or Dropbox? If you’re still not sure, details are ahead. [Square Off Archives]

To use Dropbox on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you must install the official app from the App Store and sign into your Dropbox account once. The process goes on for each and every device that you wish to use Dropbox with, while you can also access your Dropbox files on the web by signing in on the cloud storage service’s official website.

In this edition of Square Off on iFans, we’re curious as to which cloud storage service you prefer better. Do you prefer to use Apple’s native iCloud service across your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad or does the drag-and-drop, accessible-from-anywhere Dropbox style better suit your needs?

Personally, I have been leaning towards Dropbox for my cloud storage needs, but I also enjoy specific features of iCloud such as iTunes in the Cloud, Photo Stream and how iCloud automatically backs up your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad music, app data, settings and more just in case you have to restore or lose that content somehow. So, who’s the winner: iCloud or Dropbox? Perhaps another similar service? Sound off in the comments.

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