Did You Know Apple Stores Tilt Their MacBook Pro Displays to 70 Degrees?

You’ve been to an Apple retail store, right? Well, have you ever noticed that they shift their new MacBook Pro with Retina display to exactly the same angle the first thing in the morning? It’s actually exactly 70 degrees, a little detail that most people wouldn’t know, and is measured by an iPhone app. If you have taken notice of this, then you’re probably wondering why they do it.

Carmine Gallo of Forbes explains that it’s at that specific angle because customers will almost definitely need to move around the notebook a bit to get comfortable enough to use it a bit — it works too, I’ve shifted the display on other notebooks around a bit when I was at a store. Not many other corporations out there would go to such heights to make sure you want to take home their product, at least not in the retail world. Additional details after the break.

[T]he main reason notebook computers screens are slightly angled is to encourage customers to adjust the screen to their ideal viewing angle-in other words, to touch the computer! … Apple wants you to see the display for yourself and to experiment with apps and web sites to experience the power and performance of the devices.

[Forbes via Gizmodo]

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