ClamCase ClamBook Announced

No, this is not a new MacBook you’re looking at…  A couple weeks ago, ClamCase announced their next project, the ClamBook.  They outlined many of the features of the ClamBook, which syncs really well with many Android counterparts.  Not too much is known on how it will sync up with your smartphone, but it also does have iOS support.  One thing is certain though, it will allow you to be used as an external display for you iDevice.  One of the mockups they provide shows this clearly.

Very little is known about how this device will work with your smartphone, one use is shown though.

As always with mockups, not all designs are final.  It seems that they borrowed a lot from the MacBook design.  Besides the logo on the back of the screen, and the words ClamBook, it essentially is the shell of the Macbook.

Looks as if Clambook is using a design we are all very familiar with.

The ClamBook itself will run on Google’s Android OS and uses a trackpad and keyboard.  The specs are still unknown at this time.  What is known is that for many of the features to function, it may require a jailbreak or root of your device.  The ClamBook is set to release late 2012.  Price tag is still unknown.

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Source: ClamCase

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