Inside iOS 6: Passbook

Boarding passes, gift cards, theater tickets, and all that can be a lot to carry around with you when roaming through the city. Apple thought so too, so they added a new app to the iPhone in iOS 6 called Passbook. Instead of having to carry around your wallet with all of the aforementioned items, why not store them all in one place, which is, in this case, on your phone? It’s perfect unification, placing all your important passes and gift cards in one digital place where they can still be scanned like physical ones. You always have your iPhone with you, so why not use it? Keep reading for a bit more insight.

There’s more to the picture here though and most people haven’t seen it yet. Passbook isn’t just a unified holder for all your gift cards and such, it’s the beginning of a digital payment system on iOS. You may remember Square, the system that lets you pay a business that’s using it by simply pulling out your iPhone and using the cards you already have in their app. This is great for those few local businesses that use the system, but what about other places? Starbucks used their own app for payments, as did other corporations. It seems like a waste to confuse all those users with so many different apps, so why can’t we just unify them into one app?

Apple is trying to do just that with Passbook and so far, it looks to be promising. Just think of the possibilities and what Apple could add to Passbook in the future. They have so many users that businesses and corporations will have to start using such a system due to popular demand. It could be a very good thing and I sure hope to see it work out well.

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