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Such beauty can’t be packed into one app, it’s unbelievable! The additional features are a nice touch, and integrated brilliantly. Smooth scrolling and animations are simple, but elegant on their own. This has to be the best integration of the Metro 8 interface I’ve seen for iOS. This is a Muzik killer. These were my first impressions when using the app. Within the time I’ve owned the app, I’ve learned to love these features, but also despise the bugs that come along with the app. In the end, the features trumped the bugs.  Read on for the full review:


Track 8 is an app that aims to replace the stock music player with a new Metro 8 interface. That said, it allows you to browse your music in the traditional sense by sorting by artists, albums, songs and playlists. The list is clear cut, but there is more to view.

Like all music apps, you can sort your songs by artist, albums, songs, and playlists.

Besides just sorting out the music, it also offers a few other features that aren’t found in too many other music players. The app keeps track of your most played as well as your newest songs you’ve added. I do wish that these areas would update as quickly as their history list is. While your listening history is updated at the end of each song that is played, the other two lists remain static and rarely change. Even when adding new songs to my iPod, the new songs section never updated. Despite that, the features are there, and useful. A short list of 7 albums in each category is given to you to look at right on your home screen.

The home screen allows users to view their history, new songs, and most played songs. Only one of these is dynamically updating though while the other two seem static.

Searching through your music is quick and painless with their search feature as well. It too resides on your home screen. Like Muzik, the app will go to the web and download a picture of each artist that you are listening to and set them as your wallpaper. The artist image appears while you are viewing their albums as well as when they are playing on your iDevice.

The search function is a nice touch, something I never use though.

There are some features I do wish that Ender Labs would incorporate into here though. For example, pinning seven albums to your home screen and maybe social media integration would be great. Gesture control would be a huge plus as well.

Features: ★★★★


The animation and scrolling is so silky smooth that it puts other applications to shame. The interface is just wonderful to use, and gorgeous to look at. Buttons are sized appropriately and everything not only looks great, but also functions well.

The sizing and positioning of the buttons is intelligently done.

Ender Labs did a splendid job of reconstructing the Metro 8 theme from the ground up. The familiar interface made popular by Microsoft has been successfully implemented. The simplicity and animations are smooth as ever and just work for this design.

The animations are smoother than silk.

Themes and customization are in the settings menu. There are two main themes, a dark one and a light one, as well as many other color options for accents as well as wallpaper customization. Many aspects of the app are customizable.

Themes and customization are available for users as well.

Graphics: ★★★★★


The features are rich and definitely are up a notch in comparison to what Muzik offers in general. These are the reasons you want to keep using the app. Track 8 runs much smoother than Muzik, and the stock music app for that matter, too. However the bugs are what will scare users away from this app. Constant crashing is problematic as you have to reboot the app repetitively. Other bugs with the play button also exist. As stated, additional features would be a nice touch as well.

Where is my playlist! This bug gets annoying, along with the other bugs in the app.

Reuse: ★★★½


Coming in at 2 dollars, this app does ask for a bit, but it’s well worth it in my mind. Yes, there are bugs. Yes, it’s missing a few features. However, the graphics, animations, and quality that was put into the app really make it flourish. The additional features that keep track of your most recent songs, as well as your new music and most listened to are helpful and find a place where they belong, on the home screen. Overall, I do see a good value in the app, as long as the bugs are dealt with.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

First impressions caused me to fall in love with the app. As time went on it turned into a love-hate relationship. The bugs really killed the app for me, but the features kept me faithful to the app. It may have its ups and downs, but Track 8 ports the Metro 8 interface into a gorgeous music player for iOS, and it does it with supreme quality in the graphics, and offers some unique features of its own.

Overall Score

Track 8

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