I’m So Excited for WWDC 2012

Tomorrow is the big day, ladies and gentleman. Apple will be on stage tomorrow at Moscone West in San Francisco to deliver its opening WWDC 2012 keynote, in which there should be a myriad of announcements including iOS 6, new Macs, and perhaps even a widely rumored Apple television set. It has also been speculated that Apple might release a new iPhone or smaller iPad at this event, but the chances of those products being released is said to be rather slim. Nevertheless, tomorrow’s event is going to be big and equally awesome.

WWDC 2012 could easily be the most anticipated and exciting Apple event in quite some time, so be sure to pull up a chair and check into iFans at 10:00 AM Pacific sharp to join in the festivities. Better yet, be sure to drop in a little sooner so that you can catch up on all the pre-event coverage just prior to the exciting day of events tomorrow. iFans coverage of WWDC 2012 will take place prior to, during, and following the event tomorrow, so keep checking back to stay in the loop. iFans coverage details can be found here. Find out why I’m so excited ahead.

I personally cannot wait for the WWDC 2012 keynote, especially since I am prepared to take a short drive to my local Apple retail store to purchase the latest and greatest MacBook Pro — or whatever Apple calls it — as soon as it becomes available. I want to be one of those happy-go-lucky people that is anxiously standing in line at the Apple Store to get my hands on the latest Apple gadget. I will finally have a reason to use iCloud to sync and share files between my iMac and future MacBook Pro. Or maybe I will use Dropbox. We’ll see.

Are you excited to partake in the WWDC 2012 happenings tomorrow? It’s going to be quite exciting when Tim Cook, Scott Forstall, Phil Schiller and the rest of the Apple executives hit the stage to announce the latest hardware and software that the tech community has been clamoring for. Apple keynotes will never be the same without the late Steve Jobs, but tomorrow is going to be a great day that would have surely put a smile on the great Apple co-founder’s face. Just remember not to sleep in.

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