Apple to Unveil New MacBook Series at WWDC?

For the past few weeks, all the rumors and speculation we’ve heard have pointed towards updates to the existing lineup of Macs, but Apple could unveil an entirely new MacBook series at WWDC next week as well. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI, who has been active in the Apple rumor mill lately, revealed to AppleInsider details about the new notebook line from Apple. Kuo says that these new MacBook models, simply called “MacBook,” will be positioned between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and will be available in 13- and 15-inch models with no optical drive. Lots of details ahead.

This new MacBook will reportedly be lighter and slimmer than the MacBook Pro, with equal computing power. He also said it will feature a Retina display with a tapered-edge design, as well as a larger battery capacity. Apple is expected to unveil its new 15-inch MacBook, priced at $1,799 with a hard-disk drive, next week, and the device will go on sale soon after. Kuo said he doesn’t expect the new 13-inch $1,199 MacBook to be available until August, as the smaller MacBook has “limited space for thermal dissipation,” and will also use a “lower-yield” Retina display than the 15-inch model.

Kuo still expects Apple to issue updates to the current 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro models, but notes that Apple could gradually phase those notebooks out by 2013 if consumer demand is strong enough for the new MacBook lineup. Apple used to offer a white polycarbonate notebook called the “MacBook,” but it quietly phased out that model last year after initially restricting its availability to educational institutions only. Apple is planning to release at least 13 new Macs at WWDC 2012, including MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Pros, according to the report.


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