What You Should Expect from WWDC 2012

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is taking place next week, with a keynote on Monday, the 11th. It’s going to be a very exciting few days with lots of releases expected. Let’s go through a quick list of everything you should expect from next week’s keynote, from software to hardware. Check below for part of the list and after the break for the rest.


  • iOS 6 will obviously be the biggest release with rumored features like Apple’s own maps service, Siri for iPad, a different user interface standard, and more.
  • Mountain Lion is expected to be released this summer and it’s likely that we’ll see it shortly after next Monday.
  • We could see an “iTV” SDK, according to “a source” of BGR‘s, but nothing’s set in stone yet.


  • Some reports claim that Apple will be releasing a full HDTV set, but others oppose this claim, saying that there will be no such hardware at the WWDC and rather just the software for a future product.
  • It has long been expected of Apple to refresh their entire Mac line with Ivy Bridge processors and the upcoming Mountain Lion OS pre-installed. On a side note, the 15-inch MacBook Pro could adopt a new form factor that resembles that of the Air.
  • It’s very unlikely that we’ll see an iPhone 5 or “new iPhone” at next week’s event. Instead, you should expect it to be released in October just as the previous generation was.


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