[Preview] Aqueduct for the iPhone

Aqueduct by Kieffer Bros is an aptly named sliding puzzler that combines conveyer belts, floating platforms, teleporters, and more into a very addictive game for the iPhone. Aqueduct has over 125 levels across six different level sets, and while challenging – somehow manages not to be frustrating.


The gameplay is straightforward. Connect the aqueducts to allow the water to go from the faucet to the drain. The first set of levels are fairly simple, and can be finished quickly. The second set of levels gets a little more challenging, as more blocks and extra pieces are introduced. I’m certain by the 3rd and 4th set, even the most experienced Rush Hour enthusiasts will be racking their brains.

Graphics and Audio:

The game has a colorful hand drawn graphics, which is very pleasing to look at. Each level set is color coded to add some variety, and the animations are well done. The music is eerie and appropriate for the outer-space setting, and doesn’t distract you when your trying to figure out a complex level.


The game is set to be released June 29th for $2.99. If you’re a fan of puzzle games, I highly recommend Aqueduct. By nature, this type of game doesn’t offer much replay value, but it is still difficult and long enough to last many hours the first time around. While there are many games like it on the App Store, Aqueduct still feels fresh, and will be staying on my Home Screen until I beat it. Look out for this game on the App Store next week.

[Kieffer Bros]

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