Facebook Launches App Center with Over 600 Apps

The much-anticipated App Center from Facebook has finally launched early this evening. For those of you who use this Palo Alto-based social network, the App Center will provide you with access to over 600 of your favourite socially-connected apps that range from music players like Spotify to popular mobile games such as Draw Something. It’s your new hub for all those apps that have some sort of connection to Facebook.

If you need something to entertain you or are just on the search for a new app to discover, then go to the App Center today to see what all your friends are using and what’s been popular lately. Facebook asserts that the list will only list “high-quality apps, based on the feedback from people who use [it]” so it’s likely that you’ll find something great.

In addition to giving you some new apps to discover, the App Center is available in Facebook’s iOS and Android apps, giving you instant access to all your favorite pass-times and social utilities. When using the web version of Facebook, you can send mobile apps to your phone by simply clicking the green “Sent to Mobile” button. If push notifications are enabled for the Facebook app, you will receive a pop-up that directs you to the App Store or Google Play, giving you an option you to install the content.

You can learn more about the App Center on its page or watch the 3-minuteĀ screencast that Facebook made about it. After that, openĀ up Facebook on your phone or computer to browse through the App Center; tell us what you think!


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