T-Mobile Could Unveil its 3G Network for iPhone at WWDC

Last month, T-Mobile announced that it will be rolling out its new iPhone-compatible HSPA+ network in the 1900 MHz band to a large number of markets by the end of the year.

Today, it has been learned that the mobile carrier might be announcing that 3G network for iPhone at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that kicks off next Monday. 9to5Mac explains the rather interesting — but peculiar — reason why:

A reader reports that while walking by San Francisco’s Moscone West with his unlocked iPhone 4 on T-Mobile’s network today, he noticed something strange and perhaps very exciting for those million or more iPhone users on T-Mobile’s US network.

His iPhone popped over to “3G” for just one block (screenshot, right). It went back to “EDGE” as he left the WWDC area. Our reader walked across Moscone again, saw 3G for one block, and then EDGE appeared when he got a few hundred feet away. He has been near Moscone before and never noticed 3G.

This story could easily have no correlation to T-Mobile’s plans of making an announcement at WWDC, but we’re sharing it in the interest of discussion. HSPA+ technology technically delivers 3G data speeds, although AT&T has faster 21 Mbps HSPA+ that it advertises as 4G on its smartphones.

T-Mobile is also working on its own LTE network that it will roll out over the next year, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the carrier finally launches the iPhone on its network in the near future. T-Mobile has publicly expressed its desire to carry the iPhone on its network, but has yet to have any successful negotiations with Apple.

Until then, the U.S.’s fourth-largest carrier behind AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint continues to suffer as competing networks reek the benefits of carrying the iPhone. T-Mobile currently has over one million iPhone subscribers, and promises a no-compromise iPhone experience on its network.


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