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Snap, organize, and store. That is the basic idea behind ClipBox. A place for all of life’s little moments, a place to save your past, and a place for ideas to spark. ClipBox, developed by HaHa Interactive, is a nice little app that boosts a beautiful interface with a few caveats, but also has tremendous potential.  Read on for the full review:


Got an idea?! Write now, organize later, or don’t ever organize, it’s entirely up to you. The premise around ClipBox is to simply save clips of your life. Whether it’s an idea, a todo list, or just a short story, store it here. This app can definitely be used to replace the stock notes app as it has many more features than the stock notes app.

The main menu is laid out with squares and is scrollable.

As you boot up, you’ll be presented with your ClipBoxes. These are organized tags that hold your little clips. You can quickly create a new clip by pressing the plus (+) button. Pressing the paperclip button will create a new clip and insert anything you have on your clipboard. Then you write what you want, attach pictures, add tags, and save; quick and dirty.

Three quick steps will get your clips made.

Opening up a ClipBox will allow you to view all the clips with the defined tag on it. Everything is sorted by date. You can reverse the sorting, but that’s about it. I do wish you can sort by other things as well. For example, it’d be great to sort by name as well.

The menus are very basic, but to the point.

Other features include the ability to sync your clips through Apple’s iCloud. iCloud is the only service that ClipBox works from. No DropBox integration is given. Users also have the option to not use any wireless syncing service.

ClipBox offers iCloud syncing.

If you wish to access the clips on your computer, ClipBox also offers users the ability to view the clips by creating a server out of the iDevice. The server is a one-way street though as you can’t create clips on your PC, only view them.

You can view all your clips through the server, but can’t make any.

It’s nice that ClipBox offers many features, but there are a few things that can use some sprucing up. Some features that can be added. Overall, the app is feature rich and does work for what it needs to do.

Features: ★★★★½


HaHa went ahead and created a calm environment that was straight and to the point. There is no glitter, no shine, no distractions from the two-tone matte design. A light blue and cream white wash over the entire color pallet. The UI looks beautiful and the animations are intricately placed while remaining minimalistic. There are really very little problems that arise.

The UI’s animations are beautiful and brilliantly executed.

Menus are clear and to the point. There is little to no learning when it comes to navigation and everything is shown in a nice manner. The main problem I had with the UI was creating new ClipBoxes on the main screen. There is no way to do it while viewing all ClipBoxes. Instead, you must search for a set of tags, or words, that you want a ClipBox for, then you’ll be given the option to create a box. I wish boxes could be made on the fly.

Searching serves a second purpose, it’s the only way to create your custom ClipBoxes.

Graphics: ★★★★½


In terms of reusing this app, I can definitely see people pulling this app out to save all their little memories. Maybe creating a todo list or two. For full-on writing, I’d stray away to another app like Byword which offers more uses in terms of writing. This app, as I see it, is made better for scrap-booking. I’m sure there are other uses, it does serve much use, and the interface won’t drive you away; it’s feature rich as well.

Reuse: ★★★★½


At two full dollars, I can definitely see this app being well worth it. I can also see this app being a lot better than it is right now. The concept is nice; works well. The features and the UI definitely make it well worth the two dollars. It’s really a beautiful app that has a multitude of uses.

Value: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

Write, clip, organize. That’s really all there is to it; that’s the reason why this app works so well. Everything is so simple, and elegant at the same time. The app works well and does what it’s supposed to, and that’s more than I could say about many of the apps that appear on the App Store. The app is feature-packed, but still has the potential to be so much more, dig so much deeper, and be that much better.

Overall Score

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