Google 3D Maps to Launch on iOS

Google today talked about the future of its Google Maps service at an event in San Francisco, where it unveiled a brand new 3D mapping experience. Despite rumors about Apple moving away from Google Maps in iOS and towards its own in-house mapping solution instead, Google claims that they will be bringing their new 3D maps to both Android and iOS in the near future.

Brian McClendon, VP of Engineering, Google Maps, at an event discussing the future of Google Maps today in San Francisco, stated that Google is committed to offering its Maps experience across all platforms and devices. The Verge sums up what McClendon had to say just ahead.

“We will continue to make Google Maps services available as widely as possible,” adding “we’re really proud of Google Maps.” When later asked why Maps for iOS doesn’t provide the same robust features as on Android, Google rephrased the previous answer, saying that “Google Maps services are capable of doing a lot. We are committed to offering those services on all platforms.”

If the rumors about Apple moving away from Google Maps in their stock Maps app are true, then Google could integrate their 3D mapping experience into the preexisting Google Earth app or brand new standalone Google Maps app. Apple does have the ability to disapprove such an app from appearing on the App Store, but they could be sued for being “anti-competitive” should they take that action. Apple themselves are expected to unveil their brand new Maps application next Monday at the opening WWDC keynote in San Francisco.

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