More Apple Tablet news arises

As is usual for Apple, a rumoured keynote has been scheduled for the 2nd week of September, starting September the 7th. Of course, many people are certain that this keynote will be solely for the 3rd Generation iPod Touch. But what if the rumoured Apple Tablet were to make an appearance as well/instead?

That’s what might happen. And Gizmodo has received a little bit of info (rumoured info… but info anyway) about the possibilities of this tablet. It will come in two models: one with a webcam and one for the “educational market” – What that means, I have no idea… but if it’s for students, expect a student discount?

The rumoured price if between 700 and 900 USD (around 420 – 550 GBP). More information is on the image below, and also take a look at our new Apple Tablet section too!

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