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With all the craze of Angry birds over the past few years, Estelion decided that it had to join the bird bandwagon. However, instead of having the birds destroy things, they decided another route. Let’s make the birds fat! That is just what they did. The principal of the game is simple, guide some fat birds across a bridge. It can get harder than it sounds though.  Read on for the full review:


The synopsis of the game is quite simple; as stated before, you want to guide some birds across a gap. There is a catch of course, the birds are all fat. Well most of them are, some are actually quite averaged sized. Nevertheless, fat birds seem to be good at breaking bridges. So it’ll be in your best interest to build a bridge that can withstand their weight.

Don’t let that bridge snap, or all the fat birds will fall straight down… And no, they do not have their own gravitational pull!

As you progress the game, the bridges get longer, and more complex. They become more difficult to build and construct. Other times, however, they are so simple you feel stupid for not figuring it out in the first place.

As you progress, bridges get longer and less stable.

You get stars per level depending on how many planks you use. The less you use, the higher you can score. So build your bridges just barely strong enough to hold the birds and you’ll be good to go! This, of course is easier said than done. Some levels, three stars are simple to obtain, others will require magical trickery.

You can use all the planks and get one star, or you can minimize your supply usage to get 3.

Controls for construction are quite simple. On the first level you are greeted with controls. You touch and drag anywhere you wish to create a plank. Planks must either connect to each other or a given node that is pre-built in each level. You don’t have to use everything, and it may be in your best interest to not use everything.

Drag and drop bridge planks, destroy by tapping. Panning and pinching work as well.

Gameplay: ★★★★★


The graphics contained in the game are really simple. Hard-drawn, cartoonish graphics are both fun and detailed. Everything is drawn, from the desert background, to the canon you want the birds to pass through. A foggy haze blurs the background. Lighting effects are drawn to ensure that you know you’re connected to a node or the end of a plank. Everything in this game is drawn very cleanly in a neat fashion.

The graphics in the game are clean and humorous.

Graphics: ★★★★★


When you first start off the game, a dainty little tune begins to play. Although it’s the only song in the book, it really isn’t intrusive, and does what background music should, stay in the background. That said, it never gets annoying, or boring; it’s just there. The sound effects are abundant and complement everything nicely, from the graphics to the gameplay. Everything is audible, the chripin’ fat birds, the creeking of the planks as they cross the bridge, even their hops. While building the plants, stretching and placing the planks have their own effects as well.

Audio: ★★★★★


Estelion has offered amazing gameplay, graphics, and audio that work in harmony together to create a captivating fun experience for their mini-game. However, if there is one thing it lacks, it’s replay. You’re offered two forms of replay, neither are really that interesting. You can go back and get 3 stars in each level. Gamecenter is also included with a number of achievements for you to go back and obtain. They have a decent amount of things, just not enough. A level editor where you build, share, and download levels from the cloud would be well welcomed. Maybe a few unlockable levels as well.

Outside of gamecenter, there is very little replay value in the game.

Replay: ★★★★


For less than the price of a soda nowadays, you can own this fun little minigame. It’s well worth the price. Estelion has worked hard to create a quality game that offers a fun experience through the synergy between the gameplay, graphics, and audio. 60 levels are included, I’m sure more are on their way through updates. Despite the fact that replay could be improved, I still see this being well worth its one dollar price tag.

60 levels, in a total of 5 sets, keeps the birds hopping.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

Estelion joined the bird bandwagon. Is it the next Angry Birds? Absolutely not. It’s still an entertaining play that is sure to kill more than 5 minutes. It has its own type of addiction associated with it as well. At the end of the day, however, it’s the quality that is put into the game that keeps the birds hopping.

Overall Score

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