Juicy Details About iOS 6 as WWDC Nears

Christian Zibreg for iDownloadBlog, citing a credible source, has provided some interesting details about the upcoming iOS 6 software update for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. According to his report, there will very few — if any — significant changes to the core features of iOS. That means no widgets and a home screen that is “exactly the same,” says Zibreg.

Moreover, the source has seemingly ruled out the rumored silver design in iOS 6. Instead, Apple has focused on introducing several new features in the sixth version of iOS through its lineup of stock apps, including Camera, Photos and Maps. The source claims that “much cooler stuff is coming” and that “basically, you wont know it is iOS 6 until you launch apps.”

Apple apparently re-wrote iOS apps from the ground up, tapping a few new capabilities in iOS 6 to deliver groundbreaking enhancements.

The aforementioned changes in apps have been described to me as “impressive” and certainly beyond this person’s expectations of Apple, which is saying a lot concerning the source’s credibility and connections.

Apple is said to be overhauling stock apps in iOS 6, including Maps, Camera, and Photos

The report claims that the update to iOS 6 will be worth it, especially for new third-generation iPad owners. iOS 6 is said to have nearly as many new feature updates as iOS 5 did, which is quite significant considering that iOS 5 included Notification Center, iMessage, Twitter integration, and more.

The multitasking bar could receive its first significant redesign for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad since it was introduced in iOS 4

Although the source refused to comment on the matter, Zibreg believes that iOS 6 could include a significant overhaul to the multitasking bar first introduced in iOS 4, nothing that the new iPad and upcoming iPhone should have the necessary hardware capabilities for true multitasking.


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