How Does $55/Month for ‘Unlimited Everything’ on iPhone Sound?

The seventh-largest U.S. carrier Cricket Communications, which serves just over six million customers, has today announced that it will be adding the iPhone to its network as of June 22. The carrier’s network currently covers roughly 95 percent of the United States, including coverage in all 50 states, and accesses other carrier’s networks such as Sprint through roaming agreements when necessary.

Cricket will become the first U.S. carrier to offer the iPhone on a prepaid basis, selling the 8GB iPhone 4 and 16GB iPhone 4S at off-contract prices of just $399 and $499 respectively. These prices are considerably lower than Apple sells off-contract iPhones for, as the 8GB iPhone 4 costs $549 and the 16GB iPhone 4S goes for $649.

Better yet, the prepaid plans that Cricket offers for the iPhone are rather intriguing. For just $55 per month, with no contract, customers can have unlimited voice, text, and data on their iPhone with no activation or signup fees. The carrier does impose a soft limit on data, throttling customers who use over 2.3 GB of data per month.

Nevertheless, this is still a rather great deal for iPhone customers in the United States. Interested customers can find out more on Cricket’s official iPhone page. The complete list of U.S. markets that Cricket will be launching the iPhone in on June 22 can be found below.


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