[How To] Put Any Video on your iPod Touch

YouTube has an official app for the iPod Touch available, but some videos do not work, and others may be hosted on sites not compatible with the iPod Touch. If your want to show your friends a video of a piano-playing cat outside the realm of WiFi, or are restricted by the lack of Flash, then follow this tutorial to find out how to watch your videos anywhere.

Step 1: Download video

Browse your favorite video site for the clip and copy the URL.

Step 2:

Paste URL in a video downloading webapp like KeepVid.

If your lucky, the video will be available in a .mp4 format, which is compatible with the iPod natively. If not, the video will probably be available in the standard Flash format, .flv. Download the link to save the video to your computer.

Step 3:

Download a video conversion program, my favorite is HandBrake, which works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Install and open the program. It will immediately ask for a source file; choose the video you downloaded from KeepVid.

Step 4:

For the output settings, choose .mp4 for the format, and h.264 for the video codec. The rest of the settings can be left to their defaults.

Step 5:

Press Start, and let HandBrake work its magic.

Step 6:

The re-encoded video will be in the same directory as the original, with the .mp4 file extension. Open iTunes, and click “Add to Library” from the file menu and select the video. iTunes will copy it, and it will be listed under “Movies”.

Now, next time you sync your iPod, the video will be copied over and ready to watch! This method not only works for YouTube, but also rips of your DVDs and more.

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