Tim Cook: “We Have the Best Phone”

Apple CEO Tim Cook, speaking with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the AllThingsD D10 conference, said that Apple has the best phone on the market with the iPhone.

Cook also said that Apple does not suffer from fragmentation, which is something that plagues the wide array of smartphones powered by Android.

Kara: You dominate influence and moneymaking in smartphones.

Cook: I wouldn’t say we dominate it. I think we have the best phone. You have two operating systems today that make up the vast majority — iOS and Android. You have Windows Mobile beginning to ship and we’ll see how they do. Then you have RIM, that is still serving some large number of enterprise customers.

The momentum is in the first two. Will that change? I think that anything can change. I think we’re in the early stages of the smartphone revolution. When you backup and look at this, this market is a billion unit market in three years. A few year after that, you won’t see many phones that aren’t smartphones. The opportunity here is huge. There clearly can be changes along the way.

Walt: Why don’t you have more than one iPhone and more than one iPad?

Cook: Our North Star is to make the best product. Our objective isn’t to make this design for this kind of price point or to make the design for this schedule or line up other things or have X number of phones. It’s to build the best. We have an overriding belief of making the best and so if we find we can do more, great.

Do we have to? One of our advantages is that we’re not fragmented. If you look at our iOS, like iOS 5, it’s amazing how many users are on the latest OS. Our App Store is simple and straightforward. We have one phone with one screen size and one resolution. It’s pretty simple if you’re developing for this platform.


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