Get Over 130 Great Games on Sale Through June 1st

If you’ve been looking for some fun games to play this weekend, look no further than Because We May‘s sale that lasts through the 1st of June. They have a large selection of many different types of games on popular platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, Steam, and more. While there are over 130 titles available, some really great ones include Canabalt, World of Goo, Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP, and many others.

Because We May is holding this May sale to celebrate the fact that indie developers can change the prices on their games anytime they wish. They’re not allowed to do this on all app hosting services though, which makes Apple’s somewhat unique. Amazon’s Appstore, for instance, won’t let developers change the price of their app all that quickly, preventing little sales here and there. This is a good reason for some developers to choose to go with Apple’s platform since it only has one app hosting service to use and no third-party ones, save for Cydia.


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