[How To] Make iPhone apps look good on the iPad

Thanks to forum member Tommm who originally posted about this helpful app, we now have a simple way to enable “iPad mode” for iPhone apps using the Cydia app FullForce.

Instead of just doubling the pixel count like Apples solution, FullForce scales the app like resizing a browser window would.

This method only works on jailbroken iPads, which, once again thanks to the Dev-Team has a simple tool to jailbreak called Spirit. All you need to do is plug in and hit go.

To install FullForce, follow these simple steps:

Open Cydia, which will spend a few moments reorganizing and downloading packages, and tap “Search” on the bottom right. Type in FullForce (one word), and wait for it to find the app.

Hit “Install” and “Confirm” on the top right, and Cydia will download the package. It will ask you to reboot your device to finish the installation.

Then, go into “Settings” and select the “FullForce” tab on the bottom, and press the toggle to turn it on, and activate it for individual apps.

Thats it! Your all set to enjoy your iPhone apps without all the pixels, as my mom would say.


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