White iPhone 4 on the 24th for the UK only?

So I was on MacRumors forum, lurking, as I do, and I decided it would be nice to pine over the White iPhone which could be delayed… So I went to www.apple.com/UK and clicked store.

Got to the iPhone 4 page, and for some reason I wanted to check out the USA prices too… so I opened a new tab and went to the USA page for iPhone 4 and I noticed a difference… which I’m not sure has been mentioned…

Apart from the prices… see if you can spot the difference:

UK Website

USA Website


In the USA, the White iPhone is marked as “unavailable for Preorder or Instore pickup” which says it all really..

But the UK site only says “unavailable for preorder”

Comparing the two… one might come to the conclusion that you MIGHT be able to get a white iPhone in-store… Or is that just me being crazy?!

Also, I rang Cardiff’s Apple Store and they told me they know nothing. Surely if Apple weren’t going to get White ones in, they’d tell their staff so they know to tell customers not to drive 65 miles to their nearest Apple Store to be disappointed by lack of stock…

Am I just looking into it too much or do you not think Apple would’ve mention “no instore pickup” on the UK site if there genuinely wasn’t instore pickup?!

My new theory now is that the UK will be getting stock of white iPhones, but it will probably be TINY and given out on first come, first served. What do you guys think?

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