Siri Voice Dictation to Launch on OS X Mountain Lion?

Apple first launched its Siri voice assistant feature on the iPhone 4S less than eight months ago, accompanying it with a Siri voice dictation feature that allows for the device to recognize your voice and input what you are saying as text. Then, just over a few months ago, Apple launched the same Siri voice dictation feature on the new third-generation iPad.

It’s evident that Apple is beginning to focus on voice input as a significant and rather important method of communication between devices and consumers, so it makes sense that the company might be considering launching Siri-like voice dictation in the public release of OS X Mountain Lion that is set to launch in the next few months. 9to5Mac made the discovery, just ahead.

According to a resources file inside of the latest build of Safari in the newest seed of the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion, Dictation might be making its way to Macs next. Since Macs do not sport virtual keyboards or physical keyboards with a microphone-labled key, users (by default) will apparently need to simultaneously click both command keys to start voice input.

The report notes that Siri-like voice dictation for OS X Mountain Lion is unconfirmed, and does not function in the current beta version of the operating system.


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