Apple Wants to Ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from US

The relationship between Apple and Samsung has been very interesting lately, with both corporations suing the other right and left. It now seems that things are about to get even worse with the latest legal move from your favorite fruity Cupertino-based corporation. Last week, Apple filed a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s main tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, in a move that hopes to ban the tablet from U.S. shores. Samsung was given until this Friday, May 25th, to respond to this charge.

It’s suspected that Apple’s motion here will succeed due to the evidence of patent infringement. This will add to the other two competitors, HTC and Motorola, who are also supposed to be banned soon. If you didn’t already know, Apple succeeded in delaying HTC’s new flagship 4G LTE device that was set to launch on AT&T May 6th. Before any of the preorders even shipped out, there was a delay. It’s possible that negotiations are in full swing, but there’s still no word on exactly when the device will release.

[iMore via FOSS Patents]

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