Apple and Samsung Begin Settlement Talks Today

Apple and Samsung chief executives Tim Cook and Gee-Sung Choi respectively are to begin their court-moderated settlement talks today in a San Francisco courtroom. While the settlement talks will be moderated by the court, it cannot force the two consumer electronics makers to reach an agreement. For the sake of everyone that follows the world of technology, let’s hope that the results of these talks put an end to the yearlong legal battle between Apple and Samsung.

According to patent expert Florian Mueller for FOSS Patents (via Reuters), however, these negotiations might not result in any groundbreaking changes.

“This dispute isn’t ripe for settlement,” he said. “Under the present circumstances, the two companies’ delegations should spend a couple of fun days in Yosemite Park or Napa Valley, rather than meet in court only to pretend they’re being constructive.”

Nevertheless, the two companies will try to resolve their differences and put an end to their back-and-forth patent litigation war. Apple and Samsung are both willing to negotiate, but deny any accusations of patent infringement.

“There is still a big gap in the patent war with Apple,” JK Shin said, before departing for the United States for the mediation talks. “But we still have several negotiation options.”

Court documents reveal that Apple and Samsung have been involved in at least one mediation session, but it is unclear if Tim Cook or Gee-Sung Choi were present at this meeting. The settlement talks will continue over the next two days.

[via Reuters]

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