Swordigo: The Game You Should Be Playing This Weekend

If you’re an iOS gamer, then it’s likely that you look around for great new games at least once a week. Some of them can be found in our weekly deals series, while others are just talked about in the forums. Today, I’d like to introduce you to a great new game by Touch Foo, the developer of platformer Soosiz. It’s called Swordigo and it’s also a platformer that bears a good deal of resemblance to classics like Legend of Zelda. Keep reading for a few screenshots, the trailer, and a brief look at the key elements of the game before you purchase it.

As I just said, Swordigo is like Zelda in a way, but not so much that it’s a blatant clone of Nintendo’s masterpiece. The game has very simple controls and isn’t 3D so the gameplay is pretty straightforward: run, jump, kill the enemies with your sword, and upgrade your level and gear to defeat the bosses. I’ll admit that the story isn’t all that intriguing, but the game itself is true quality for a platformer on iOS. It’s unlikely that you’ll get bored after a few minutes of playing because of how much fun it is.

I bought Swordigo last week while it was featured on the Free App A Day sale, but right now it’s only $1.99, which is an amazing price for the amount of time you get out of it. It’s only 77.8 MB, universal, and fully optimized for the new iPad’s Retina display, so there’s really not much more to ask for. The developer has been very reliable with Soosiz in the past and I’m sure they’ll keep such a reputation with this game, so go try it out today!


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