Macworld: Six Wishes for iOS 6

Apple is rumored to take the wraps off of the sixth version of iOS at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, which could be the cure for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users that are getting bored of their devices.

Several users have been hoping for a variety of new features in iOS 6, ranging from native Facebook integration to widgets on the home screen. Macworld UK has provided their own insight with a list of six wishes for iOS 6, and here’s the gist of what they are hoping for.

  • Improved text functionality: Selecting, highlighting, or copying and pasting text can be rather tedious on iOS, so it is suggested that Apple offer some simplified gestures for text editing. SwipeSelection is a great starting point. The wish list also hopes for Apple to continue making improvements to auto-correct.
  • Redesigned home screen: The four-by-five icon home screen on the iPhone and iPod touch is outdated, merely because it was designed at a time when there was only a handful of native apps and no App Store. The wish list, which notes that the addition of folders in iOS 4 was a start, hopes that Apple will redesign the home screen so that it is easier to navigate and distinguish between apps.

  • Improved notifications: A simple “dismiss” button should be added to banner notifications, and Apple should accept third-party widgets for Notification Center and add a “clear all” button for notifications.
  • Automatic Wi-Fi detection: Apple could add a feature to the iPhone that, using geolocation, toggles Wi-Fi ‘off’ when you are not near one of the wireless hotspots that you would normally connect to — be it at home, at work, or at a nearby coffee shop. It is noted that a number of competing smartphones have this feature.
  • Let Siri do more: Apple should allow for Siri to change settings, tweet, launch apps, and so forth. Apple could also expand Siri’s knowledge beyond WolframAlpha, and could allow for Siri to be utilized by third-party apps. Time to make less Siri less of a “beta.”
  • Other improvements: Apple could give several user interface elements of iOS a facelift, and possibly bring those Notification Center style widgets to the home screen.

[Macworld UK]


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