Will the iPod Touch be Discontinued?

There have been more rumors than we can count on two hands about Apple working on a smaller 7-inch iPad for release later this year. While some people are greatly pleased with the prospect of purchasing a smaller iPad in the rumored price range of $199 to $299, others complain that the so-called “iPad mini” already exists — it’s called the iPod touch.

That being said, do you think that Apple could potentially discontinue the iPod touch? Personally, I honestly don’t see it happening. A smaller iPad with a display in the range of 7- to 7.85-inches is still significantly larger than the iPod touch’s 3.5-inch screen. Moreover, the iPod touch is a portable music player and casual gaming device that fits right into your pocket, whereas the 7-inch iPad would still be too large and awkward to carry around in that fashion.

If Apple does indeed release a smaller iPad for under $299, the only result I can see from that move is potentially a price drop for the iPod touch. The profit margins on the iPod touch are already relatively slim for Apple in comparison to their other products, so I could only see the iPod touch dropping a maximum of $50 to $60 dollars.

A new price tag between $139 and $149 could help shake the trend of declining iPod sales for Apple, and would make the iPod touch a cheaper alternative to the $169.99 Nintendo 3DS. The iPod touch, despite running iOS 5, has not been updated since September 2010. Apple introduced a white iPod touch in late 2011, but it has the same design and specifications as its black counterpart.

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