Apple is Now Censoring ‘Jailbreak’ in iTunes [Updated]

Apple has always been playing cat-and-mouse with the jailbreaking community, attempting to combat users from obtaining root access to their devices by issuing periodic iOS software updates. Yet, developers continue to find exploitable vulnerabilities in iOS that have led to jailbreaking methods across virtually every iOS version on nearly every device. In a few weeks, even the new iPad will be jailbroken on the latest iOS 5.1.1 software update.

That being said, we can imagine Apple is not too fond of promoting jailbreak-related content. As spotted by iOS hacker Yiduo David Wang (planetbeing), Apple has gone one step further by censoring any mention of the word “jailbreak” on its iTunes Store. All types of content on the iTunes Store, from apps and music to TV shows and books, is affected by this censorship on the U.S. store; however, not every mention of the word “jailbreak” has been starred out just yet.

Update: Apple seems to have fixed this issue, as searching for “jailbreak” on iTunes now reveals the word without any asterisks.

[Cult of Mac]

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