Find My iPhone: Worth it?

MobileMe has been refreshed with a new look and a few new features. Most notably is the addition of the Find My iPhone app, which works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Of course, MobileMe must be enabled on the lost device prior to actually losing it, so if you’ve been scouring under your couch cushions, you’re out of luck.

The Find My iPhone feature has been around for a while, but only accessible from the MobileMe website. The app makes it more convient to track down your lost iDevice as you’re racing around town.

A yearly MobileMe subscription is required and will run you a hefty $99, though there have been rumors of Apple making the service free. Most of its features are freely replaceable by Google Apps, except Find My iPhone. Though, there are alternatives.

GadgetTrak is available through the App Store for free, and offers GPS tracking, IP address data, and a map of the devices location through the web interface. But- there is a catch. In order for the app to work, the would-be thief has to open the app, which is cleverly disguised to look like Safari.

The Find My iPhone service is a sure thing, and would easily pay for itself if you happen to drunkenly misplace your precious device at a bar in Redwood City. But if you’re not willing to shell out the green, free alternatives are available, if you’re willing to dance with chance.

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