Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is the Worst, Says Forbes

Forbes yesterday published a list of the five CEOs who should have gotten the boot by now. While those of Cisco, GE, Sears, and WalMart are great and all, the number one spot went to Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer — and for good reason. Forbes says that “without a doubt” he is the “worst CEO of a large publicly traded American company today.” Well then Microsoft, that hurts, doesn’t it? If you wonder why he got such a terrible rank — if you could even call it that — watch the video above and keep reading.

Not only has he singlehandedly steered Microsoft out of some of the fastest growing and most lucrative tech markets (mobile music, handsets and tablets) but in the process he has sacrificed the growth and profits of not only his company but “ecosystem” companies such as Dell, Hewlett Packard and even Nokia.

Ballmer is like an angry golfer with his crazy performance on stage.

I’ve not seen such a ridiculous thing from an “chief executive officer” before. That’s just disgraceful and leaves me with the thought of never wanting to use or purchase one of their products again — but there’s still more to the picture. Even though it is the most outlandish thing I’ve ever seen from any CEO, with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook included, the corporation’s prime offerings to the desktop and mobile industry are actually quite good. They’ve done a lot with Windows Phone and they say they’ll continue to do more, which makes it another promising competitor to Android and iOS.

But then when you look at things like the ecosystem, market share, and overall functionality, Windows Phone is the mobile OS that looks to be dying. There’s so much promise in it, but Microsoft entered the touchscreen smartphone scene far too late to compete with the likes of Apple and Google. Their idea of simply being able to check everything you want without entering any apps is very clever, if not revolutionary. The problem was that they just didn’t get in the game fast enough to tussle with the big boys.

Still, in the light of all the positive, you must admit that Ballmer’s tactics on stage in front of developers is a bit unorthodox. Watch the video below for some insight on what I’m talking about.

Although he’s #19 on Forbes list of billionaires, Mr. Ballmer should not be allowed to take such incredible risks with investor money and employee jobs.  Best he be retired to enjoy his fortune rather than deprive investors and employees of building theirs.

Are you having fun yet, Ballmer? I don’t know, maybe he’s just trying to get attention. In any case, none of his little masquerades are bringing Microsoft’s business up. Apple’s iPad alone is triumphant over the once-great Redmond competitor. It seems as if their end is imminent, but that’s just something to ponder on. For now, you can either laugh or fear the bizarre Ballmer. If you had a say, would you get rid of him?

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