Report Claims Google Chrome Will Debut on iOS

Since coming to Android back in February, Google Chrome has become a very popular mobile browser among the many Android users out there. Shortly following the release, many wondered whether the browser would ever be brought to iOS. Business Insider today pointed to a report that Macquarie analyst Ben Schacter published this morning — the report claims that a “Google Chrome browser for iOS is coming.” Schacter even says that Apple “may already be reviewing” the app, asserting that it could release as soon as Q2 of this year. If not released then, he says to expect it sometime this year for sure.

Google Chrome for iOS could benefit the Mountain View-based search engine greatly in both revenue and mobile browser share. As things are right now, Google only gets half of the advertisement funds that are generated through mobile Safari. If they were to introduce their own browser to the platform, they’d get all of the profits — this is a big incentive for them.

So what do you say? Would you purchase this app and use it as an alternative to Safari or would you rather stick with the stock alternative?

[Business Insider]

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