The power of Zoom?

A new app has recently hit the Top Paid Apps of the UK App Store. It goes by the name of Camera Genius, and is number 6 in the Paid App charts. Meanwhile, fans of old skool Camera apps will be aware of Camera Zoom – The original app for your iPhone which allowed you to zoom in when taking a photo. This is in the charts at number 4.

Both apps are priced at $0.99 (59p) – But where did Camera Genius come from?

Yesterday, the developers released an update to the app – Zoom. You can now zoom with your camera in Camera Genius. Big deal. That’s been around for ages in the original Camera Zoom. However – it’s much more than that. The Camera Genius app also claims to do many other things, like “stabilise camera shake” and “add sound over a picture” – But if these were so good, why weren’t they in the charts before today?

My theory? I think that if you have a camera app and you add the ability to Zoom in, it will sell thousands. Because the people who already bought Camera Zoom (i.e. me.) want to see how Camera Genius compares, and so they buy a copy. Also, newbies to the camera app scene will want all the “extra” (rubbish) features, and so Camera Genius also get that market too!

In my opinion, Camera Zoom are, and always will be the number 1 camera app for iPhone. But if you do have a camera app yourself, why not add zoom to it and watch your $$$ grow?

Camera Zoom:

Camera Genius:

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