Rumor: New iMacs Will Also Have Retina Displays

Joanna Stern for ABC News has briefly noted that, in addition to the MacBook Pro, the iMac is also set to receive a “very, very high resolution” Retina display when it is updated in the near future. Apple equipped the third-generation iPad with a Retina display, boasting that the tablet has one million more pixels than an HDTV set. The iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and fourth-generation iPod touch also feature Retina displays.

While the design of the laptop might be similar (though thinner), the part of the laptop you spend the most time looking at is getting a major overhaul — the screen. The laptop will see the introduction of the “Mac Retina Display,” which is said to have a very high resolution. ABC News has similarly heard from its own sources that both the next MacBook Pro and the iMac would be getting very, very high resolution displays. Apple refreshed its new iPad with a Retina Display in March.

[ABC News via MacRumors]

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