Intel to Manufacture Chips that Apple ‘Can’t Ignore’

It has long been wondered why Apple never used Intel’s microarchitecture in their iOS devices and instead used them only in their Mac computers. Last Thursday, during Intel’s yearly investor day in Santa Clarita, CA, the CEO of the CPU vendor said that they are working very hard to see that Apple recognizes them as an alternative to the ARM architecture in their iOS devices’ CPU chips.

Our job is to ensure our silicon is so compelling in terms of running the Mac better or being a better iPad device, such that as they [Apple] make those decisions they can’t ignore us.

Apple originally decided to go with ARM instead of Intel because the chips don’t consume nearly as much power and devices like the iPad are known for their fantastic battery life. However, it seems that Intel really wants to get Apple’s attention and hopefully lots of business from the new tablet industry that has sprung up in recent years by improving their silicon to match more of what Apple likes.


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