Preview: “Galactic Keep” for the iPhone

Galactic Keep by Gilded Skull is an upcoming game for the iPhone modeled after classic “dice and paper” role playing games. The game promises a captivating story and features beautiful hand drawn artwork to replicate the look and feel of a physical game.


The first thing you probably noticed is the incredible visual style of this game. Similar to Gilded Skull’s previous game Imp or Oaf, the game has sketched graphics that are watercolored by hand to create an absolutely stunning universe. Even the audio does a fantastic job of recreating the feel of a table-top game, with the familiar  sound of game pieces being dragged across wood, and specific sounds for each character and weapon.


To fully immerse the player in the game, Gilded Skull has created many playable characters with detailed backstories, unique abilities, attacks, and strengths. Like most dice RPGs, the player will roll to increase the character’s stats, with additional unlock-able characters to keep the game fresh. Each character has unique weapons (even a laser sword!) and critical hits.


The game will have local WiFi multiplayer, and a single player campaign with multiple story lines for each mission. Replay-ability will be a strong point, as each mission can be played numerous times and never be the same. For example, a “Murder Mystery” mission on an orbital trading post, or a stealth raid of a sunken laboratory. Battles are similar to the table-top counterparts, with dice rolls to deal damage. When you kill your enemy (or are killed yourself), “death messages” will appear to describe how it went down.

Galactic Keep Gameplay Video

Due to the complex and detailed nature of this game, it has been in development for over a year, but Gilded Skull is still working hard, and is anticipating a Summer release. Be on the lookout for this game on the App Store in the coming months.

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