iMore: Next iPhone Launches in October, Likely Without 4″ Screen or Metal Casing

Every year, the rumor mill is chock-full with contradicting reports leading up to the launch of a new iPhone. While a number of rumors have suggested that Apple will include a 4-inch screen and metal casing on the next-generation iPhone, Rene Ritchie for iMore makes claims that are quite to the contrary.

Ritchie, citing his sources, says that Apple has yet to finalize the design of the so-called “iPhone 5,” and notes that the current prototype does not have metal casing or a 4-inch screen with 16:9 aspect ratio. Instead, the current prototype features a smaller dock connector and, yes, still has a home button. If the screen does become larger, Ritchie says that it will be no larger than 4-inches.

The report claims that the next-generation iPhone is on track for an October release alongside the 7-inch iPad, just in time for the holiday shopping season. This isn’t the first time the next iPhone has been slated for an October release, as a Foxconn employee has also suggested that date last month. But we’ve also heard that the new iPhone might launch in June from a Foxconn official, or in September according to DigiTimes.

The obvious conclusion to draw from these rumors is that, honestly, nobody seems to have the slightest amount of factual information leading up to the next-generation iPhone launch. But will stand by what Ritchie is saying, since he is much more accurate with his Apple rumors and speculation. The only thing to do now is continue to exercise patience and let Apple do its thing.


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