iOS 6 References Found in iCloud Beta Website

It was discovered by iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith this morning that Apple had a beta testing edition of their iCloud website which was conveniently located at Along with discovering a testing website, Troughton-Smith uncovered new Web versions of the upcoming Notes and Reminders functions in Mountain Lion. (These are already integrated in iOS 5, but are also available in the iCloud mail “Notes” folder and the iCal “Reminders” tab.)

Users then began to investigate the website, hoping to find some little hidden treasures. One of 9to5Mac‘s readers, Tom K., discovered that there were explicit references to iOS 6 in the page. Even though it’s filled with errors, the text after the break nearly guarantees that we’ll see iOS 6 in beta very soon.

account.\”,\”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotBetaQualified.Title\”:\”This Apple ID does not have beta access\”,\”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotBetaQualified.Description\”:\”To use beta.icloud.comfirst sign in to iCloud with the iOS 6Beta.\”,\”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotBetaQualified.LearnMore\”:\”Learn More\”,\”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotBetaQualified.LearnMore.URL\”:\”\“,\

”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotDeveloperQualified.Title\”:\”This Apple ID does not have developer access to\”,\”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotDeveloperQualified.Description\”:\”To use developer.icloud.comfirst sign in to iCloud with the iOS 6Beta.\”,\”Error.AuthDidNotValidateNotDeveloperQualified.LearnMore\”:\”Learn

It is expected that Apple will introduce iOS 6 at the WWDC next month in San Francisco. There have also been rumors that the corporation would be unveiling a new iPhone at this annual event, but there have actually been more claims of an October launch than a WWDC one — none of this is completely clear yet though.


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