Evernote: Your Notes and Ideas, Everywhere

Evernote. As the title implies, it is designed for taking notes, and then seamlessly syncing those notes across Mac, PC, iOS, Android, webOS, and Blackberry (to name a few). Simple, beautiful, and almost infinitely useful.

But Evernote is already popular; if you haven’t heard of it a few times, I’m not sure where you’ve been. So the point of this post will be to cover what you can do, and not a traditional review of the app. Some of these will be common sense, some may be a bit more surprising. Either way, let’s get started!

Around the House

Note when you last watered. It’s summer here in the States, and where I live it is hot. It’s very important to water any and all plants that you care about living; otherwise, they die. This situation is pretty plain and simple; just make a note of the last time you watered your garden, so when you are scrolling through the app you can quickly tell if the plants are in need.

Dates, Dates, Dates… Birthdays, holidays, other random dates that escape memory.

Air filters… When did you change that? This may be more age-dependent than the other ideas, but air conditioners have air filters. These air filters filter the air, cleansing it of lots of dust, and other particles that shouldn’t get in your lungs. Like all filters, they require replacing. When did you do that? Since these filters have a limited life, it’s definitely best to know when you last changed it.

Shopping List. Another no-brainer. Use the app as a shopping list that gets thrown to all your devices, so you can have it wherever and whenever you happen to be. Simply write down what you need to get.

Tracking Expenses. Easily track and manage costs by writing them down. Thanks to the beautiful syncing capabilities (see how important those are?), the note is everywhere, on any device that has Evernote installed.

Comparing Prices. It’s expensive being tech-centric. Get your money’s worth by writing down prices for products that you’re interested in, as you see them. That way, when you are wondering “Who has the cheapest price on a Macbook Pro?” you can fire up Evernote on your computer and check.

Journal. Yeah, I don’t see myself ever having one. But hey, if you so choose, you can use Evernote to keep a journal. Go crazy.

School/Office uses

You could use it for… notes! Isn’t that what Evernote is? Yes. It is a note-taking application. Take your Macbook into a class/meeting, and type some notes into it. Later, you can review those notes on your iPhone, or edit them on your PC.

Keep an eye on due assignments and deadlines. School. Homework. “What was that assignment over?” Just fire up Evernote, and you’ve got it if you use the app for jotting down assignments. Likewise with deadlines for work and school; don’t be surprised when it’s the day before, anymore.

Clean up. Sticky notes? Those don’t sync themselves, now, do they? Plus they get everywhere, clutter up desks, and are trying to overthrow humanity. Ok, maybe not the last part, but they can be a pain. Evernote… Boom, cleaner.

Research Hub. Jot down notes, jot down ideas, jot down whatever you need for projects. Got a link? Paste it in, and visit it later on your iMac.

Other uses

Idea World. Ideas. Random thoughts that have some worth, and are usually gone pretty quick. This is probably my favorite use. This entire article started here. I have plenty of ideas to make some money for an iPad, I have some ideas for apps. I have some ideas to make my computer faster, I have some more article ideas in there. It is definitely one of my most indispensable tools on my iPod touch. Since this one can mean a thousand things to different people, I’ll let you imagine what you would put in here.

Questions for the forum. Ever have a question that you think deserves some other input, but don’t get around to posting it at the time? And then you forget later? It’s happened to me before.

Brainstorm! Just let it all out; all the thoughts, ideas, notions, and every other synonym for thoughts. Let them out onto the virtual pad of paper.

Backing up Files. This function will work better with the pro account (which we’ll get to in just a bit), but it’s definitely a possibility. While other (better?) options exist out there (namely dropbox) for this task, you may prefer one program to do it all. Evernote is definitely capable of it.


And that wraps up some of the uses. Of course, the list is by no means definitive; make up some of your own, but be sure to share!

The app requires you to have an Evernote account, which is completely free. Just give a username and password and you’re set up. After downloading the app, you can install the Mac and Windows desktops clients, allowing you to go back and edit the notes in-depth. However, one of the more useful and unique tools of the Evernote ecosystem happens to be a webclipper. This allows for quick and easy syncing of web pages, pictures, and text to Evernote. See an article that you think is useful? Clip it, and you have it in Evernote. Note that the web clipper is Google Chrome only. The program also features voice notes and picture notes. See something you need to remember? Snap a picture with your iPhone’s camera, and upload it to Evernote. Need to remember some sound? Record it and upload it.

As mentioned above, there is a pro account. The pro account is $5 per month, or $45 per year. I’m not a huge fan of the price, since similar (note: similar, not identical) services are significantly cheaper. Either way,  the benefits of a pro account include:

  • Upload 500MB/month (as opposed to 40MB/month)
  • SSL encryption
  • Ads are gone
  • Compatibility with every file type (including Microsoft Office documents)

Personally, the standard account is enough for me, though if you are picture-centric or voice-centric in your notes, you may want to consider upgrading.

Evernote [Website | App Store]

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