Would You Actually Want Siri on the iPad?

Since the release of the new iPad, many people have been disappointed that Apple did not include native Siri support on the tablet. While the third-generation iPad did gain the Siri dictation feature, you still cannot talk to your favorite Siri personal assistant like you can on the iPhone 4S.

Apple might have claimed that the iPhone 4 does not have the necessary hardware to support Siri, which has been proven false by numerous Siri ports, but they certainly cannot use that excuse for the new iPad. So, why is Siri still limited to just one iOS device? Perhaps part of the reason is that porting Siri to the iPad would be impractical.

Holding up your iPad to speak to Siri would look utterly stupid, and is almost as awkward as those that use their iPad as a camera in public. Moreover, most of the features that Siri can be used for seem to be tasks that you would normally carry out on your iPhone.

Sure, you can use your iPad to set reminders and meetings, ask for directions, send emails, and send messages to some extent, but the iPhone is much more practical for carrying out these actions. I just cannot imagine someone holding up an iPad to their face and using Siri without looking like a complete moron.

Perhaps that is a harsh judgment, but that’s my approach to Siri on the iPad. If the folks in Cupertino ever do decide to integrate Siri into the iPad be it through a future software update or new iPad model, it’s certainly not a loss. But I’ll stick to my iPhone for my Siri needs.

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